Hard Arm Armor, Soft Armor Inserts and Backpack Armor

Backpack Armor offers the highest quality and value for your money when shopping for backpacks. Available in a variety of sizes from Small to Extra Large. Constructed from the finest fibers, this lightweight armor can be easily worn over most clothing with no discomfort. The original manufacturer of this product, Spectra Roots, has been supplying high-quality backpacks and vest materials since 1993. Spectra Roots products are known for their comfortable fit, quality craftsmanship, and customer satisfaction.

Tough and durable, Spectra Roots hard armor products are also rated among the best soft armor on the market. The soft armor weighs one pound, making them light enough to wear comfortably over any type of clothing. Rated #1 in comfort amongst all hard armor, the soft armor compliments the wearer as well as the terrain. Filter pockets that accommodate an operator’s key tag holder, a knife block, water bottle carrier, and other items for added convenience. Sort by size:

From the everyday patrolman to military and FBI agents, the modern day traveler needs all the protection they can get. Backpack armor and vests are available in many configurations to meet the diverse needs of today’s tactical gear. For those who prefer the lightweight options, Spectra Roots carries an array of lightweight vests suitable for both patrolmen and travelers. With the use of shock-absorbing polymer, the vests are designed to work in any situation where protection from serious injury or unwanted exposure to hazardous elements is needed. Easily attachable to backpack carriers or other small-sized carriers, these vests are not only versatile but have proven themselves in harsh wilderness and extreme mountain environments where shock absorption is an important factor in protection.