What Are Ballistic Plates?

If you want to purchase a vest that will protect you against all situations from a battlefield, a soft armor would be what you need. Soft armor is mostly very lightweight but its protective components are more durable than that of hard armor. It isn’t too thick as the hard armor either, and with a good backpack armor you can easily wear it underneath your regular clothing as well. There are many designs of this kind of vest and one of which is the quadrelease plate carrier backpack armor.

These plate carriers for the backpack have become popular and are being used by many special forces like soldiers, police and even civilians. The vests are made from different materials such as nylon, fiberglass and Kevlar. There are also soft armor plates which are used for training and for lighter duty applications. You can choose from any of these depending on the conditions you’re going to face and the terrain you’re fighting in. Nylon and fiberglass are good for environments that are sandy and rainy while Kevlar and a carbon fiber plate carrier are great if you plan to face tougher enemy and tougher weather conditions.

A soft armor is ideal to face any enemy because it is light, flexible and has an extremely strong layer of protection. In fact, it’s similar to soft armor plate that is used on tanks and battle vehicles. It’s also perfect for resisting impact especially on softer skinned targets like kids. It’s important to note that this type of armor plate carriers should be used with a compatible vest or gun belt. That way, you’ll be sure that you’ll be protected and comfortable using this gear.